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     This recipe is what we have been making for years using 2 little chief electric smokers. We clean out the freezer before the new season. All of the meat from last years deer is made into jerky. Thaw out in refrig.

Cut meat into 1" wide strips when partially frozen. About 1/4" - 1/2" thick
I try to keep it no more 1/4" and smash the meat with a mallet to keep all meat the same thickness.
Fill a zip loc bag with seasoning. We just add a little Salt and pepper. You can add a little garlic powder. Add the meat and shake. I also have been using the "High Mountain" pepper jerky seasoning. It comes with a cure and pepper seasoning.

Lay the meat on racks. Try to make sure they are all the same thickest on each rack. Put the thicker ones on the bottom. The thin pieces on top.

Then we SLOW smoke all day with Hickory shavings. Add shavings the first 5 hours. Total smoke time is about 12-15 hrs on the little chief smoker. It might be less depending on smoker and weather. Check your jerky. If using a brinkman it will be less, maybe like 5 hrs.
A very simple, yet tasty deer jerky recipe.

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Button Buck

TIP: Freezing meat for a month before jerky is made insures that it will be free from live parasites which are sometimes found in game meat.

A few tips from my experience making jerky using these recipes:
Soy sauce has a strong flavor, I only use half of what they are asking for. Liquid smoke is also strong, only use if cooking in oven.

Simple is sometimes better! Try our simple recipe w/ 1 batch. Cooking time is the key!
Again, Most important is the cooking time. I have ruined a lot of batches because of over cooking, the jerky was brittle.
The little chief smoker has a very slow cooking time with great results. The brinkman electric water smoker produces a lot of heat. You really have to watch the times. I use the brinkman for sausage only. You can easily over cook jerky. The smoke flavor is sometimes very strong,

Write down your cooking times and keep track of them for future batches. Remember the outdoor temps will also effect times. I do most of my jerky during the winter months.

Good luck and enjoy.

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