6 pointer 155 lbs Opening Day Muzzleloader 2003
Still-hunted with 5" of snow on the ground. Stalked this bedded buck within 20 yards.
This is my first muzzleloader deer kill. By far one of my best hunts.

6 pointer
Taken with CVA Staghorn .54 Cal in-line Muzzleloader
90 gr triple 7 , Powerbelt 295 GR AEROTIP , #11 Caps

6 pointer

  The Hunt... This is one of my most memorable hunts. I decided to walk along the ridges on the top of the mountain looking for bedded deer. I get to top and see movement. I stand behind the nearest tree and see two doe looking my way. They were about 60 yards with some branches in the way. I decided to pass on the does for now. They walk off and I continue to walk the ridge. I get to the back side of the mountain and here a twig snap. I look up and see the same two doe. I can’t believe they followed me. They saw me move and took off.
I continue into a section of woods with tall spruce trees, small ledges and patches of mt. Laurel. I wanted to check the ridge on the backside of the mountain. I start making my way through a small patch of mt. Laurel. I see movement below the ridge I was on and dropped down thinking it might be a deer. I crawl about 10 feet into the mt. Laurel, but it was a little thick. I decide to crawl back out and try another way. I try to circle around the mt. Laurel and head towards the deer. I’m stopped by more brush. I can make out a deer’s ear and decide to back out again. I would have been busted if I continued.

    I decide to try crawling through the mt. Laurel again. I reach the spot were I stopped before. I find a route through the brush to my left. I need to go 10 feet more to the edge of ridge, and then the deer will be right below me, I hope. I’m crawling on my elbows and knees and a branch snags my back, the more I move and more it makes a cracking and snapping noise. I just thought I blew the whole hunt, so I laid in the snow for about 5 mins. I decide to continue, only 7 more feet and I’ll be out of the brush. I’m now 5 feet from the edge of the ridge, in the clear and I’m all ready to get up and look over the edge. Here we go, lets hope the deer is still there. I shoulder the muzzleloader and lift my body up. Right away I see the buck bedded down looking right up at me from 20 yards away. He stands up, while I cock the lever down off safety. I raise the gun back up and he’s standing quartering towards me. I pick my spot and squeeze the trigger. He ran 30 yards down this steep hill on the back side of the mountain.

    One of my dreams was to stalk a bedded buck and I finally did everything right. It was a tough ½ mile drag up and over the mountain in the snow, but worth it. First time muzzle loading and it was an awesome hunt.



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